MITOSIS – A type of cell reproduction in which 2 identical cells are made from 1 cell.






2 Stages of Mitosis:







All __________ cells are formed and regenerated by ________________. This process occurs throughout life.


Life Spans of different human body cells:

Brain cells - _______________              Muscle cells - _______________

Red Blood Cells - ___________                Platelets - __________________

Stomach Lining Cells - _____________      Liver Cells - _________________

Intestine Lining Cells - _____________      Skin Cells - _________________



Mitosis works similar to how a photocopy machine works:


Start with a picture


End with 2 of the exact same copy of the original



What happens BEFORE Mitosis occurs?


Chromosome number ____________________ (Example 4->8)







Steps of Mitosis

 Step One









Step Two










Step Three










Step Four










Benefits of Mitosis



Differences between Plant Cell Mitosis & Animal Cell Mitosis


Plant Cell Mitosis Animal Cell Mitosis


MEIOSIS – A kind of cell reproduction that forms sperm and eggs (sex cells).


_________________________ - reproductive cells produced in sex organs.





Meiosis involves __________________________ resulting in _______________________.


___________________ - A cell containing half the number of chromosomes as a body cell.








Refer to fig. 22-7 on page 471:










Steps of Meiosis

Step One











Step Two













Step Three














Step Four














Step Five













Step Six











Sperm, Eggs & Fertilization

Sperm & Egg Similarities Sperm Eggs


Refer to figure 22-10:









When sperm (haploid) fertilizes an egg (haploid), the chromosome number becomes ________________. 


Changes in the Rate of Mitosis are caused by:


________________________ - Rate of cell division, or mitosis, slows down in body cells.


________________________ - A disease in which body cells reproduce at an abnormally fast rate.

 Causes of Cancer 


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