The Protist Kingdom


3 Kinds of Protists

  1. ___________________________________________________________


Animal-Like Protists


Traits of Protist Phylum


Move with false feet


Move with Cilia


Do not move; Are parasites


Move with one or more flagella


EXAMPLE: ____________________



EXAMPLE: _________________________



Characteristics of Some Protozoans:

_____________________________ - Special cells that develop into new living things. They cannot _____________ to get ________________, so they live as ____________________ & cause harm to other organisms.

_____________________________ - Protozoans that reproduce by forming ____________________.

_________________________ sporozoan causes malaria. It is carried by _________________________ mosquitoes.




Plant-Like Protists


Traits of Phylum


Move with flagellum, one-celled, fresh water, green in color


One-celled, salt water, brown color


One-celled, salt water, red or brown color


One-celled, Multi-cellular, or Colonies, fresh or salt water & soil, green in color


Multicellular, salt water, brown color



EXAMPLE: _______________________


EXAMPLE: __________________________


EXAMPLE: ____________________________


___________________________ - Green algae that live in a hollow ball containing hundreds of one-celled organisms with flagella.




EXAMPLE: __________________________ - Funguslike protists that are consumers.



Life Cycle of a Slime Mold








Fungus Kingdom

Traits of Fungi:



_____________________________ - 2 organisms living in or on one another. Both organisms benefit from this relationship.


EXAMPLE: ___________________________ = ________________________ + ________________________


Kinds of Fungi

  1. _______________________________________ - Produce spores in __________________

_____________________________ - Structures on tips of fungi that make spores


EXAMPLE: __________________________________


Prevention of molds – Cleanliness, drying, use of chemicals (keeps bread from forming mold)


_______________________________________ - Fungi with _____________________ parts that produce spores. They form networks of _________________________________ underground


EXAMPLE: _________________________________


______________________________________ - Produce spores in ________________________ structures


EXAMPLE: _________________________________


Yeast are Useful:


Yeast are Harmful:


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