General Biology Classwork/ Homework

September 11-15

Class Work Homework
  • Common Lab Equipment
  • Safety Video/ Rules
  • "Safety First" worksheet
  • Finish "Safety First" worksheet
  • Study for Lab Safety quiz
  • Do Now! - "Improper Safety Practices" worksheet
  • Safety Quiz
  • Lab Safety Rules Posters (in lab groups)
No Homework!
  • Scientific Method notes
  • "Pea Plant" problem
  • Spotting the Scientific method in a paragraph (highlighting information)
  • Create a problem, and solve it with the Scientific Method
  • Review Your own problem (homework)
  • Scientific Method Concept map
  • Scientific Method worksheets
  • Lab Rubric/ Write-up

Period 1 Lab: "Solving a Problem with the Scientific Method" (mini-lab)

  • "Can you spot the Scientific Method?" worksheet
  • Lab Questions
  • Microscope notes
  • "How is the Light Microscope Used?" (mini-lab)

Period 3 Lab: "Solving a Problem with the Scientific Method" (mini-lab)

Lab Questions

Lab This Week: No Double-Lab this week; Several mini-labs and group activities instead!


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