Laboratory Safety Guidelines


 The following is a list of the major laboratory procedures designed to ensure student safety and to prevent damage to school property. This is a general list. Additional detailed instructions will be provided for each individual laboratory.

1.       Goggles, aprons, and other safety equipment are to be worn during laboratories.

 2.        Know the location and proper use of the fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and the eyewash station.

 3.        Use care when handling sharp objects such as scalpels, probes, and dissecting needles

 4.        All chipped, cracked or broken glassware is to be reported to the instructor for evaluation or disposal. No glass is to be disposed of in the classroom garbage containers.

 5.        If a chemical spills on you or your clothing, flush with water and immediately notify the instructor. Report all chemical spills to instructor immediately.

 6.        Remain in assigned areas and avoid crowding and excessive movement. Refer to assigned "LAB GROUP" duties; there is a job for every person in your group; there is no need for people to be roaming the lab.

 7.        Perform your instructed Lab Group Duty:

#1: Task Manager – Keeps the entire group on task, coordinates activities within the group
#2: Supplies Manager – Fetches and returns supply boxes, pencils, paper, etc, needed for lab
#3: Lab Materials Manager – Fetches and returns Materials Baskets for wet labs
#4: Instruction Provider – Reads instructions aloud to group, records answers, and provides questions to the instructor for the group
#5: Praiser – Encourages the group by praising all members of the groups for a job well done! 

8.       Under NO circumstances are any classroom or lab materials to leave the room.

 9.        At the end of the period, all lab materials are to be properly cleaned and stored as instructed by Miss Josephsen. All chemicals are to be discarded according to Miss Josephsen's instructions.  Lab tables should be wiped down with cleanser and sponges (in sink). Sinks are to be free of any trash (they will be inspected at the end of each lab). Any lab group that has garbage in their sink will suffer a grade penalty on their lab.

 10.    No food, drinks or gum in the lab!

 11.    Students must dress for safety in the lab:

        No loose/ bulky clothing

        Long sleeves are to be rolled to the elbow

        Long hair is to be tied back

        Open toed shoes not recommended for lab day

        No contact lenses are to be worn on lab day!!!

J Be smart; dress appropriately on days when you know that you have lab! J


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