College Prep Biology Classwork/ Homework

September 11-15

Class Work Homework
  • Common Lab Equipment
  • Safety Video/ Rules
  • "Safety First" worksheet

Period 5/6 Lab: Safety Rules Posters

  • Finish "Safety First" worksheet (period 9)
  • Study for Safety Quiz tomorrow (5/6, 9)
  • Safety Quiz
  • Scientific Method Notes
  • "Pea Plant" problem

Period 9 Lab: Safety Rules Posters

Develop your own problem; solve it with the Scientific Method
  • Review Homework (Your own problem)
  • Scientific Method Concept Map
  • Scientific Method worksheet
  • Discuss Lab Grading Rubric
No Homework!
  • "Solving a Problem with the Scientific Method" (Mini-lab)
Lab Analysis Questions
  • Compound Light Microscope Notes
  • "Use of the Light Microscope" (Mini-lab)
Lab Analysis Questions

Lab This Week: There is no Double-period lab this week; we will be doing several "mini-labs" and group exercises.


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