Search Engines

I have compiled a list of search engines that will be of great benefit to you when conducting research, doing homework, working on internet research assignments, or just looking up information!

tube1.gif (323 bytes) AltaVista - A good site for a general search.

expt1.gif (374 bytes) Biochemistry Easy Search Tool

bugicon.gif (316 bytes) Excite - Another good site for a general search.

atom1a.gif (405 bytes) Infoseek - And another,

mole1.gif (447 bytes) Yahoo - And another...

atom2.gif (356 bytes) EduRock - This is a purely educational search engine.

earth.gif (493 bytes) Scientific American - Come here for a more in-depth search of scientific topics

bigcat.gif (1569 bytes) The Study Web - Search many topics related to education. This site is geared towards students.

flasks.gif (452 bytes) The Biology Place - A teaching & learning resource for science.

scale.gif (305 bytes) Yahoo! Science Biology - Yahoo has devloped a site where you can search more specific scientific topics. This will help you narrow your search quite a bit.

 potplant.gif (437 bytes)Internet Directory for Botany - Search the world wide web for any topic specific to botany.

expt1.gif (374 bytes) The Mining Co. - A search engine for general biology topics. Also contains links for teachers, students and parents!

mole1.gif (447 bytes) A Hypertext Glossary of Genetic Terms - Look up any genetic term you want!


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